Miss Lucy, aka "Scoots"

Lucy, a 7-month-old puppy, was tired during her scan. Late one evening, after a full day, Lucy jumped onto an ottoman, ready to snooze. Thus a perfect Leo scanning moment appeared! Normally if a human is walking around a dog and holding a funny object with a bright light, that’s enough to at least elicit a head raise. But this evening, Lucy was simply too tired to care. She just kept her head down and followed the scanner with her eyes. This fortunate outcome gave 30 seconds of stillness, so 3D scanning could be done from all sides. Doggie treats were unnecessary and could have been risky, possibly sparking a burst of movement. The only data cleanup was the ears, which moved a few times during scanning. But enough scan data was captured to allow for correction. One funny color problem requiring a fix was her eyes, which stared in opposite directions in the raw texture output, due to her watching the scanner. Adobe Photoshop fixed the eye direction in the resulting .JPG image, which took less than 5 minutes.

Scanning time: 
30 seconds
Processing time: 
<1 hour