This cast aluminum crankcase was carefully removed from the engine block and easily scanned with Artec Leo using HD Mode in high-resolution 3D in just 8 minutes. Post-scanning, after importing the scans into Artec Studio software, a mere 20 minutes of processing were all that was needed to turn these scans into the precision 3D model you see here today. All the thin edges and angled surfaces of the crankcase, together with its individual structural reinforcements, were captured with unmistakable fidelity.

The resulting 3D model could very well be a starting point for a number of manufacturing processes, including reverse engineering, FEA (finite element analysis), wear/friction prediction modeling simulations, university and commercial VR/AR environments for automotive design, and beyond. An additional application of such a 3D model, particularly one for a vintage or rare cast component, can be creating a 3D printed sand mold for use in low-volume casting runs.

Scanning time: 
8 minutes
HD reconstruction time: 
12 minutes
Processing time: 
20 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [26.71 MB]
STL [56.97 MB]
PLY [22.48 MB]
WRL [36.97 MB]