Bronze statue

This small figurine of a Chinese warrior on horseback was scanned to make perfect replicas in various sizes. The great volume of fine detail present on the original figurine has been captured in vibrant color in the 3D model. Even the shiny gold surfaces of the hooves, the bridle, the warrior’s headdress, and more, posed no trouble for Space Spider. The contrasts between the darkest browns of the mane and the deep copper-bronze of the horse’s neck are striking, and have all been accurately reborn digitally in the 3D model. Such a rich model is ready for 3D printing in a variety of materials and at different sizes.

Scanning time: 
30 min
Processing time: 
60 min
Download 3D model:
STL [5.63 MB]
WRL [15.74 MB]
MAYA [13.2 MB]