Alligator Tail

They say that Nature is the perfect designer, and if you could ask Mr. Stubbs about this, he’d probably agree with you. Rather than try to design a new prosthetic tail for him from scratch, Professor Justin Georgi, a specialist in alligator movement, chose to 3D scan a similarly-sized alligator’s tail and use that as a model for casting new tails for Mr. Stubbs. Together with the help of our reseller Stax3D, they used Eva to scan a recently deceased alligator’s tail, then export it for printing. With Eva’s ability to capture details as tiny as .5mm in size, the scan gave them all the lifelike accuracy they needed for a truly realistic and perfectly-fitting tail. Also scanned was Mr. Stubbs’ residual tail, to make sure that the new prosthetics would match comfortably with his existing anatomy.

Scanning time: 
5 minutes
Processing time: 
20 minutes