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3D scanner trade-in

Take advantage of our limited-time offer and trade in any 3D scanner for a discount on the revolutionary Artec Leo. Scan with a new level of speed, accuracy, and freedom by signing up for a Leo upgrade today!

Expand your 3D scanning horizons, upgrade to the fully wireless, AI-powered Artec Leo today

Are you ready for sustainability, and in the market for a next-generation 3D scanner? If so, our Leo trade-in offer may have come just in time to help you get hold of a truly groundbreaking device, at its best price to date.

Upgrade today and harness the power of AI to only capture what you need, and avoid lengthy, complicated 3D scan sessions. Accelerate your workflow and embrace true scanning freedom with a cutting-edge, cordless Leo, complete with a built-in display and HD capture capabilities.

Trade-in: as easy as one, two, three.

Trade in today

Interested in trading in? It’s as simple as reaching out. We take the hassle out of the process by sending you a shipping label. Once you’ve got it, just post us (or one of our resellers) your unwanted 3D scanner.

We’ll repurpose ANY 3D scanner

Don’t worry about technology or manufacturer. As long as it’s a 3D scanner, and you’re the owner and not a reseller, we’re here to help you repurpose it!

Get a massive €5,000 off

If you consider your device to be surplus to requirements, send it to us and get off a brand new Artec Leo.


If you’re no longer using a 3D scanner, or it’s not fit for purpose anymore, don’t throw it away or let it gather dust. Send it to us instead and we’ll make sure it’s taken care of responsibly. At Artec 3D, we model our business with sustainability in mind: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle is a strategy we know is the way forward for advanced technologies.

Why Artec Leo?

As easy as that

Scanning with Artec Leo is as easy as filming a video on your phone. Here’s how!


  • Can I trade-in more than one 3D scanner towards a Leo?

    Only one trade-in discount can be applied towards an Artec Leo purchase. However, this can be any previous-gen 3D scanner, provided you’re its owner and not a reseller.

  • If my 3D scanner is broken, can I still trade it for a Leo discount?

    As part of our offer, you can trade absolutely any 3D scanner for a €5,000 (or USD equivalent) discount on a next-gen Artec Leo, regardless of brand or working condition. Once faulty or defective 3D scanners have been received, Artec 3D is committed to ensuring these are disposed of in a sustainable manner.

  • Are bundles included in the trade-in offer?

    While bundles are excluded from the trade-in promotion, customers can put their discount towards the purchase of a Leo, or one of our Leo Education or Leo Premium packages.

  • How long is the trade-in deal running for?

    Subject to change, Artec 3D’s trade-in offer is scheduled to run until December 29, 2023.

  • How can I trade-in my 3D scanner?

    Simply get in touch and we’ll send you a shipping label. When you get this, attach it to your 3D scanner and post it to either Artec 3D or one of our dedicated resellers for your discount.

  • Which devices are valid for trade-in?

    We’ll accept any 3D scanning device, no matter what the working condition, provided it’s complete and not missing any parts. In keeping with our sustainability strategy, unusable scanners will be repurposed or recycled responsibly.

  • Are there any conditions I need to meet to be eligible?

    To take advantage of our offer, you need to have valid proof of purchase for the 3D scanner you want to trade in. Supporting documents must include matching product details, such as model, serial number, and proof of ownership. Trade-in applications must also be supported with proof of identification. Once the above conditions have been met, customers may get their discount by signing a Trade-In Agreement that transfers 3D scanner ownership to Artec 3D.