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Release of Artec Studio 8.1

Release of Artec Studio 8.1

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the Artec Studio 8.1 software. In this version new functions were added based on the requests of our partners and customers. These functions speed up the scanning process and improve the quality of the result. Here are some of the most interesting features:


The new look of Fusion - Smooth Fusion allows you to build a smooth surface from a small set of initial data, as well as from very noisy data. Also, the algorithm makes it possible to obtain a closed (watertight) surface and completes construction on its own in areas where data is missing. This feature greatly speeds up and simplifies the post-processing of models.

Non-rigid registration

The difficulty in scanning “live” objects, e.g., a person or animal, lies in the fact that they are constantly moving, and it is challenging to assemble a single surface. The new algorithm of non-rigid registration solves this problem by assembling seemingly different surfaces into a single mesh.


Brightness correction

The automatic color correction algorithm works quickly and provides an even level of texture brightness.

Publishing models on Viewshape.com

Now you can do this with one mouse click. Just click on the “Publish” button in AS 8.1 and the model automatically uploads itself to the Viewshape.com server. Viewshape provides a unique way to save, view and share all your 3D masterpieces with your friends.

Our software is constantly being improved. Here you can learn more about all the capabilities of Artec Studio.