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Prime Minister of Montenegro and Artec 3D CEO agree to develop first IT hub on the Adriatic coast

Artec 3D President and CEO Artyom Yukhin (left) and Prime Minister of Montenegro Dritan Abazovic shake hands during a meeting that has paved the way to creating a major IT hub on the country's Adriatic coast and beyond.

Luxembourg, 13 June 2022 | Artec 3D, world-renowned developer and manufacturer of professional 3D scanners and software, will lead the development of an IT hub on the Adriatic coast.

Late last week in Podgorica, Artec 3D President and CEO Artyom Yukhin met with the Prime Minister of Montenegro Dritan Abazovic, and State Secretary Boris Maric, to discuss further opportunities to attract more IT companies and specialists to the region.

This summer, Artec 3D opened a new European office in Montenegro, and intends to grow this branch to 300 employees by 2024. Abazovic welcomes the arrival of Artec 3D in Montenegro, as well as the company’s plans to create dozens of new jobs in the country, saying that Artec 3D can count on the full support of the Montenegrin government. The Prime Minister emphasized that his government is working to attract foreign investment, create favorable and stable conditions for investors, and ensure the successful establishment of internationally successful and renowned companies.

“Our goal is to create the first IT hub in Montenegro, on the sea coast,” Yukhin said. “This will create an ecosystem for attracting new IT companies and talented specialists, as well as an innovative network for launching start-ups and attracting venture investments.”

The fields in which specialists are being recruited are varied too, providing a large array of opportunities to talent in the country and the region – Artec’s development program involves the recruitment and training of local talent, which will enrich the company’s highly professional team with new specialists in the field of programming, research and development.

“​Software developers, mathematicians, computer vision and AI specialists, mechanical, electronic, and optical engineers, as well as many other professionals, will gain valuable life and professional experience by becoming part of our 3D technologies team,” added Yukhin.

“We are pleased that now, with the company’s current offices in the US, Luxembourg, and China, as well as our ever-growing global network of resellers, we are creating a new European center for the company, and establishing strong and important partnerships with Montenegro.”