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Get 3D scanned in astronaut gear at Space Center Houston!

Digital Scan 3D are expanding their shapie-making business: three months after the grand opening of their first Shapify Booth in Portland they’ve launched the second one at the Space Center in Houston, TX. So if you visit the center, feel free to come by for a very personal souvenir! The Shapify Booth is located on the left-hand side of the main entrance next to the NASA gift shop and membership registration.

This is a truly unique scanning point because this is the only place where you can make a 3D portrait in astronaut’s overalls and NASA-branded jackets rented for free. The Shapify Booth uses our tried-and-tested full-body 3D scanning technology – all you need to do is step inside the booth, strike a pose and hold still for 12 seconds. Your 3D portrait will be ready a few minutes later. Zoom it in and out and view it from different sides on a computer screen to see how accurate it is.

Digital Scan 3D will print out your shapie and deliver it to your address – just choose between the four sizes of your future figurine and leave your contact details.

Figurine sizes range from 4.5” to 9.0”, and prices from $99 to $269 respectively. You can make a shapie together with your loved one, kid or friend, which will be cheaper than making two separate shapies.

Figurines are shipped domestically for $19.99 within 5-10 business days and internationally for $50, with ETAs varying depending on the location.