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Everything is Under CONTROL

Artec participated for the first time in the exhibition Control 2012, devoted to controlling production quality. It’s time for some conclusions.

This year Control took place from May 8 – 11, and the main arena for the event, as always, was the exhibition center of Stuttgart. Four of the center’s halls, totally about 55,000 square meters of space, were decked out with display stands of 836 companies from 31 countries. There has been an interesting tendency – each year there are fewer and fewer Germans and more and more foreigners. About 25,000 people from 88 countries attended Control 2012, and a quarter of the visitors were foreign.

Artec chose exhibition Control 2012 to premier its latest product, Eva, its next-generation 3D scanner. Compared to earlier models, it is lighter, faster and easier to use. Also noteworthy is its attractive design, a distinct improvement over older models. Its striking appearance immediately caused a stir at the exhibition. As soon as Artec representatives started demonstrating the capabilities of the new scanner, a crowd formed around the display stand. Subsequently, the story repeated over and over – Eva became a spectator magnet. Visitors were most amazed by the scanner’s ease of use. Many at first could not believe that just anyone could use it, but when they were given it to try themselves, their own experience convinced them. The only problem most novices encountered was the unconscious desire to bring the scanner very close to the object. In fact, Eva can scan at a distance of up to 1 meter from an object, and there is no point in pressing up close to it because this does not affect quality in any way, and it makes moving around the object much harder.

Overall, the exhibition was a great success. The company’s display stand was one of the most visited of all those participating in exhibition Control, because Eva literally drew the attention of all visitors. What more is there to say, when the local press is still publishing articles about Artec and its new scanner?