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Create Your Realistic Mini-Me in 3D Figurine – from Home, 3Dfy Yourself!

3Dfy Yourself

Artec Group announces New Shapify.me for Microsoft Kinect for Windows or Kinect for XBox 360

Artec Group has launched the first 3D-scanning and printing service available at home. Artec has announced a new, very cool cloning service for people with Microsoft Kinect for Windows equipment. Kinect users can individually scan themselves, friends and family, upload the scan to the Shapify.me website  and receive a 3D figurine sent to their address. This isn’t a 3D image – it’s a solid, 3D figurine, like a miniature statue – looking just like you, only smaller. Your clone figurine in monochrome or color is 1/20th your actual height. It’s made of either white or multicolored plastic material and, if you are so inclined you can use your artistic skills to paint it. Give family clones to Dad and he can keep his mini-family on his desk. And you can order multiple figurines – to share with friends or as really unusual Holiday gifts. 3D Scanning has never been as easy as with Shapify.Me : just follow simple voice instructions to scan yourself in several minutes and to upload the 3D scan of yourself to our printshop. Your clone figurine in monochrome or color which is 1/20th of your actual height will be delivered to your home in several days.

Some Cool Cloning Ideas 

Some cool cloning ideas include scanning your kids to make a gift for grandmother, or create your most unusual set of Christmas tree toys, or make a lineup of all your sports teammates … whatever you choose. It’s only limited by the imagination and is now available from your home. Way more hip than just another photo . . . 

It’s Not Rocket Science All you need is Microsoft Kinect 

You need to have a Microsoft Kinect for Windows and a PC computer. You need the following to scan yourself using Shapify.me:

  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows 
  • Windows 7 x 64 bit or Windows 8 
  • Intel Core I3 or later with at least 4 GB RAM 
  • Audio Speakers USB 2.0 
  • an Internet connection.

Free delivery to the United States and all European countries 

Shapify.me will also ship your figurine anywhere in the world. Prices start at $59 with free delivery to the USA and Europe which is unheard of for 3D printed figurines. Delivery services to other countries are planned and will soon be available worldwide. All the details on ordering are on the FAQ page at Shapify.me. Join the 3D revolution! 

About Artec Group

ARTEC GROUP™ is a manufacturer and developer of professional 3D hardware and software. With its offices in Luxembourg, the US and Russia, Artec Group is a market leader in 3D scanning which is used by thousands of people all over the world. For more information visit: www.artec3d.com.