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Located at the heart of Europe, Germany is one of the EU founders. Spoken in Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Liechtenstein and South Tirol, German is also regarded as an official language in some parts of Africa – Namibia that is.

Not sure about whether Schiller’s Robbers is being recited in Namibia, but a chilled Krombacher is surely being drawn down there. We marvel at a language perfectly fit for “writers and thinkers”. We ski in Salzburg, escalade the Falknishorn and wander around Europe’s second-largest seaport in Antwerp – hearing German all along.

To polish communication with our Germanic folks, we have recently translated www.artec3d.com into German. Pay a visit to our website here to get a bit of that “fantastisch” flair… and to read about our 3D scanners, of course!