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Artec’s website now in French

It is now possible to explore our products in the language of Baudelaire, Stendhal, Moliere, Rimbaud, Verlaine and Dumas! With our headquarters located in Luxembourg, we couldn’t help falling in love with a culture that is worldly known for its poets, artists, musicians and oh.. its cuisine!

Brügge’s hot chocolate tastes twice as good while reading the latest adventures of our favorite Belgian – Hercule Poirot. Swiss Emmentaler does not rank behind in taste and lets some of us forget about the fact, that there is plenty of other cheese out there. Sitting at the bank of Lake Geneva, we marvel at the Alp landscape around us. You soon understand that Charlie Chaplin and the maître Nabokov did not choose to live in Switzerland for no reason.

We watch and re-watch Amélie the same way as we read and re-read Jules Verne’s adventures, that inspires not only us here at Artec, but so many people all over the world! We hope that our Belgian, Swiss and French friends – alike many other francophone fellows – will enjoy our new website in French!

As we are continuously striving to improve communication with our clients, we keep translating our site into foreign languages. So, stay tuned for more linguistic news!

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