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Artec Studio 9.2 is out! Introducing Auto-align tool and much more…

We are excited to announce the release of Artec Studio 9.2. This release constitutes a major leap forward for our software and includes features that we have been working on for many years.

So what exactly is new?

Auto-align tool

The Auto-align tool was years in the making. It allows you to make multiple scans and then align them AUTOMATICALLY with a press of a single button. That's it. You no longer have to align scans by hand, which could be a tedious and time consuming task.

Photogrammetry support

Photogrammetry is a widely used tool in industrial applications. Artec scanners and Artec Studio are now compatible with most photogrammetry solutions on the market. Using the two technologies together, in some cases, makes the scan data more reliable and the scanning process easier.

Artec is working with photogrammetry market leader, Aicon 3D Systems to make this bundle solution affordable and easy to use. Read more about Artec's cooperation with Aicon and photogrammetry.

New editing tools

We've added some interesting editing tools. They are designed to improve post-processing like the defeature brush which automatically erases imperfect surfaces. Edit faster, work better, create!

More options

  • Ability to control how the flash behaves
  • Individual settings for multiple users of a single software license
  • ”Points and solid”- a smart render mode that displays your raw data in a way that is easy to work with.

There are many other minor changes and improvements. To see a full list, please refer to the release notes.

Try it out

Try all these great features for free. Download Artec Studio 9.2 trial version.