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Artec Studio 9.1 released

New version of Artec Studio is now available to download!

We reviewed all the feedback from our customers and partners and have added some changes and features in new release of Artec Studio 9. These features will make the process of scanning and post-processing much faster and more convenient for you!

  • Support for Artec Spider, a brand-new 3D scanner from Artec Group

Spider is the latest achievement  of Artec Group with high resolution and outstanding accuracy. Not to mention, Spider captures texture data!

Artec Studio 9.1 features a new algorithm of sharp fusion developed specially for Spider. More info about Artec Spider can be found here:

  • New auto-align feature

You are now able align two or more scans automatically right during the scanning. The only thing you need is overlapping texture data of scans involved.

Quick walkthrough:

  • Align tool improvements

Artec Studio 9.1 provides a new, improved align tool. It is now possible to align frames that haven't been correctly registered within one scan. No need to divide a scan into several parts anymore.

  • Real-time fusion for Artec scanners

This feature used to be available only for Kinect. Now we are happy to say that real-time fusion feature is compatible with Artec scanners. It works best for scanning simple objects with no complicated post-processing required.

  • Multi-Kinect support (Kinect-Xbox, ASUS Xtion, PrimeSense)

Artec Studio 9.1 now provides possibility to scan objects with up to four sensors simultaneously! Full-body scanning will take just few seconds.

  • Annotation tool added

We have received lots of client requests asking to add this feature. We strive to improve user experience overall so we added this option in Artec Studio 9.1. The new tool enables to create annotations on model surface. Annotations can be edited and customized in various ways.

  • Other features of Artec Studio 9.1:

- Improved hole-filling algorithm: geometry is reconstructed more precisely.

- Windows 8 support added

New release is available for all existing users of Artec Studio 9.