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Artec Scanning SDK 1.0 released

We are pleased to announce the final release of Artec Scanning SDK 1.0, which enables you to develop your own scanning app to control your Artec 3D scanner and process the captured data, add support of Artec scanners to your software, or create a C++ plugin for any industry recognized software.

This version of Artec Scanning SDK incorporates several improvements based on user feedback of beta versions.

First, the SDK is now available for unlimited use, so anyone who has created an account on my.artec3d.com can download it for free and use it as long as they want.

Second, the SDK now features new advanced post-processing algorithms, including fast mesh simplification, improved loop closure and missing texture inpainting.

Third, in order to streamline APIs and facilitate the future development of the SDK, we have changed the interfaces to make them more user friendly.

Existing SDK users will need to revisit their projects and make the necessary changes to Artec APIs calls, otherwise their code may not build with the new SDK release version.

All information about the SDK’s new features and guidelines for amending existing projects powered by the SDK can be found in the Artec Scanning SDK Release Notes.