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Artec scanners at the Technishow

Dutch magazine Aandrijven & Besturen has published an article about Technishow and about its acquaintance with the company 4C, an authorized reseller of Artec in the Netherlands. According to Else Rappard, office manager of the company, the exhibition was a great success. "We demonstrated a wide range of 3D services, such as the ZW3D CAD / CAM, 3D printing equipment from Solido, and Artec scanning systems".

Visitors asked with curiosity about new 3D capabilities".4C’s stand enjoyed great success with the public largely due to the fact that anyone could scan and look at themselves in 3D, and then receive a three-dimensional copy of themselves by email. "The opportunity to play around with their faces in 3D only increased interest in our stand," says Else Rappard. Here you can read the full article in Dutch.