Giving back to the community. Artec 3D partners up with a children’s charity and hosts a 3D scanning class for orphans

Here at Artec 3D we’re always happy to support a great cause, especially when it comes to children’s charity. This holiday season, Artec 3D has teamed up with the Deti Nashi children’s charity fund to bring some joy and cheer to those who need it most. But it’s not toys we’re giving. And it’s not just for the holidays.

Many children’s charities are brought into focus around the holiday season. Orphans are showered with attention and gifts such as sweets, toys, or even expensive gadgets. Yet when the Christmas lights are taken down, and the celebrations are over, nearly all the excitement about being charitable dies down. And many charities have to survive another year before some much-needed help arrives.

Deti Nashi is a children’s charitable fund with a different approach to giving. They give more than just Christmas gifts. They give hope. For the last eleven years, Deti Nashi has been helping raise funds for two orphanages in the Smolensk region of Russia, to ensure that the children there are given the possibility to develop vital life skills and gain crucial knowledge for learning how to live in society, while leaving any difficulties or trauma from their orphanage years far behind them.

“Preventing social orphanhood and helping children without parental care successfully become part of society.” – the Fund’s mission

Today, the charity supports more than 150 children, giving them the opportunity to study such subjects as IT, culinary arts, sports, and many others, allowing them to learn from true connoisseurs of these fields. That’s why Artec 3D was more than happy to open its doors to eight bright kids from the IT studies section and show them what 3D technologies are all about.

The children were taken around Artec’s Moscow office and shown the ins and outs of our 3D scanning technology. They discovered for themselves what 3D scanning is, how it works, what it’s usually used for, and in which industries. But the real treat for them was actually trying out Artec’s 3D scanners for themselves. With the help of our experienced 3D scanning specialists, they were able to try out Artec’s two most popular 3D scanners, Artec Eva and Artec Space Spider.

This holiday season, Artec 3D has teamed up with the Deti Nashi children’s charity fund to bring some joy and cheer to those who need it most. But it’s not toys we’re giving. And it’s not just for the holidays.​

Seeing how excited they were was unforgettable, and hearing that some of them actually wanted to come back was the icing on the cake. But we understand that these amazing children need more than just a one-off good deed. They need constant support, encouragement, and guidance if they’re going to be the best they can be.

We can’t do anything about these children’s past, but their future is truly in our hands. Join with us in this effort to secure their bright future by donating today. Your donation will help orphans get what they truly need - quality education and vital skills to succeed on their life journey. As little as $10 goes a long way, and buys a whole hour of learning for a group of 10 children.  Donate and make a difference.

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