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Artec integrates its 3D scanners into Linearis3D photogrammetry system

Artec and Linearis3D announce successful integration of their 3D scanning and photogrammetry solutions.


Artec is proud to announce that its professional handheld 3D scanners, Eva and Spider, are now compatible with Linearis3D’s photogrammetry solutions.

Following a series of successful tests Artec certified Linearis3D photogrammetry solutions to be used with Eva and Spider scanners, which will enable users to attain greater accuracy of scans in areas such as quality control, mass production, metrology, etc.

Linearis3D Photogrammetry is fully compatible with Artec Studio, which makes it easy to use these solutions as a bundle.

The Artec and Linearis3D system comes in especially handy when scanning large objects with smooth surfaces without distinctive features, such as cars.

Photogrammetry requires the use of circular targets, or markers, attached to the surface of the object. Eva and Spider effectively recognize these markers in order to accurately determine their positions.

The positions of the markers are computed by Linearis3D Photogrammetry based on photographs of the object. Finding the best positions helps make Eva and Spider much easier to use and increases the precision of scanning.

“We are pleased about the certification of our photogrammetric solution for use with Artec 3D scanners. Using Linearis3D Photogrammetry to scan larger objects with smooth surfaces will be facilitated significantly,” says Dr. Wolfgang Kaumanns, Managing Director of Linearis3D.