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New Video: Introducing a new way to work, with Artec Cloud

It’s been a busy year for Artec 3D. And the last couple of months in particular have seen exciting developments that had been in the works finally come to fruition. The release of Artec Studio 16 has brought a raft of new performance upgrades and exciting features that are sure to change the way experts work, and everybody is talking about those.

One of the most anticipated of these features was Artec Cloud. This is such a transformative improvement that, even in insider events before its official release, it was hailed as Artec’s very own “one more thing” feature. Going by just that Steve Jobs reference, that’s pretty big.

And it should be, considering how many opportunities it opens up, not just for collaboration (and we could go on and on about that), but also with the amount of flexibility it brings to the scanning process.

Scan data courtesy of
Origin Forensics

Now, users can move processing to the cloud, work on the go, and have their projects at their fingertips wherever they may be, using devices that normally wouldn’t be able to handle that sort of heavy lifting.

There’s a whole range of possibilities the new collaborative platform unlocks, all succinctly illustrated in just 66 seconds on the Artec 3D YouTube page. You can also find everything you need to know about a new innovation that changes the 3D data workflow on the Artec Cloud homepage.

Watch the “It’s all about teamwork” video here.