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Announcing release of Artec Studio 9.0

Artec is proud to announce the release of its latest software package: Artec Studio 9.0.

Support for Kinect and other Primesense sensors Artec Studio 9.0 can now be used with Microsoft Kinect, Asus Xtion and other sensors developed by Primesense. This means that you can turn a simple accessory into a real 3D scanner. Studio 9.0 has powerful tools to enable scanning, post-processing and sharing your 3D models.

Support for Eva Lite Artec Studio 9.0 supports Eva Lite, a simpler version of Artec’s flagship 3D scanner: Eva. Both scanners are professional-grade, but Eva Lite is a cheaper alternative to Eva without the ability to capture color or use texture tracking during scanning.

Improved interface and new features In this version, we tried to simplify the interface and add some features that will make post-processing simple. One such key feature is the ability to fuse a scan into a finished model right during scanning. If you use this feature, all post-processing will be done right during scanning and after putting down your scanner, all you will have to do is save the results. That it!

Lower price Artec Studio 9.0 is now cheaper. €500 and you are ready to go. Or buy a bundle of 3 licenses for a discounted price of €1200.