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Expert-guided Webinar on Reverse Engineering in SOLIDWORKS with Artec 3D Scanners and Geomagic Solutions

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Want to get even more out of your choice Artec 3D scanner? Then come join 3D Systems and Indicate Technologies for a unique webinar! This joint educative endeavor brings experts straight to you, so you can maximize the potential of your Artec 3D device when combined with Geomagic’s reverse engineering solutions.

In the first webinar (September 6th at 11am PST), 3D Systems and Indicate Technologies will demonstrate how you can reverse engineer quickly and accurately using an Artec 3D handheld scanner and Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS.

A global leader in handheld 3D scanning solutions, Artec 3D provides a fine array of high-performance devices, including its bestselling Eva and Space Spider. Both weighing in at just under 2 lbs., they produce incredible high-res 3D images with unbelievable ease, precision, and power. To industries worldwide, Artec 3D scanners are known for their versatility and portability, making them go-to devices for capturing complex geometries, brilliant colors, and rich textures. Whether it’s to ensure quality or digitize design data, users all around, from automotive to aviation, delight in the simplicity that Artec 3D consistently brings to each project.

Now just add Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS to the mix, and you’ve got a solid, fuss-free recipe for engineering directly inside the SOLIDWORKS interface. Whether you choose to reverse engineer old designs to make new ones, recuperate lost or damaged data, or build new models or prototypes, combining Artec 3D hardware solutions with Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS will help save you time, energy, and resources.