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Get to grips with Artec Leo at this space-age technology exhibition

| Long Beach Convention Center (Long Beach, CA, USA)
Space Tech Expo USA 2024

What: Space Tech Expo USA 2024 
Where: Booth 5044, Long Beach Convention Center (California, USA) 
When: May 13-15, 2024

It’s that time of year again. The US West Coast’s leading space industry event is back and looking like it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before!

Held in Long Beach for the 12th year in a row, Space Tech Expo USA is ideally located for those seeking supply chain opportunities, with Boeing, Relativity Space, and more based nearby. This ties nicely into the exhibition’s B2B focus and networking is set to be at its core.

With the likes of Lockheed Martin, Virgin Galactic, and Porsche also in town for the show, it’s an ideal opportunity for decision-makers to connect, share best practices, and strike partnerships.

Alongside these networking opportunities, visitors will get the chance to attend a two-day Industry Conference, as well as an all-new Technology Conference. This extra stage will provide room for discussion about key topics like automation, 3D printing, and material qualification.

When it comes to sourcing such technologies for space applications, the show floor is set to be stacked with potential solutions, as more than 275 companies are expected to take part.

One of these, Artec Ambassador Digitize Designs, is clearly taking the exhibition’s space-age theme seriously, as it plans to present the most unique 3D scanner on the planet: Artec Leo.

As the world’s first all-wireless, AI-powered 3D scanner, Artec Leo makes quick work of digitizing medium-to-large scale parts, while achieving an accuracy of just 0.1mm. With a growing catalog of use cases, the device is a proven solution for accelerating manufacturing across industries, from initial product design through to iteration and inspection.

Participants are welcome to meet the Digitize Designs team at the event and see Artec Leo 3D scanning in-action firsthand. You can get free tickets to Space Tech Expo USA here.