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3D body scanning and portable solutions for virtual reality imaging at SVVR 2017

| San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, United States (San Jose, United States)

Welcome to the main VR event of the year Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference and Expo, whose organizers promise to expose attendees to the broadest and most diverse VR expo floor ever assembled. The conference will feature an array of talks, panels and workshops held by top-tier speakers and industry trendsetters.

Artec was invited to the show to do real-time 3D body imaging in Shapify Booth, the powerful automatic 3D scanner that takes a short 12 seconds to capture a person from all angles. Shapify sends the 3D scan data to the cloud, where it is processed and fused in a 3D model in a matter of minutes. Anyone can try out this technology on our stand at SVVR for free. After the show, we’ll email you a preview of your 3D portrait which can be shared on Facebook. If you like, you can purchase a printable file and make your own mini-me figurine on a 3D printer. Bear in mind that we also scan couples, and if you come to the show with your sweetheart, family or friend, you’ll have a great chance to get a very special keepsake.

Animated 3D portraits are used extensively in VR, gaming and visual effects in movies. The same goes for 3D models of real-world objects. Studios across the world make detailed 3D copies of props, from daggers to cars, with Artec 3D handheld scanners. This technology is absolutely safe for scanning people, let alone objects, and unlike some of the competitors it requires no targets attached to the scanned surface for good tracking.

At SVVR you’ll be able to practice 3D scanning with Artec’s award-winning handhelds Eva and Space Spider. The former is used for larger objects and the latter for smaller ones. These lightweight devices provide 3D scanner accuracy of up to 0.1 mm and 0.05 mm respectively, which has made them the preferred choice in industries such as aerospace, medicine and manufacturing quality control, where precision is of critical importance.

We look forward to meeting you at SVVR and showing you how easy it is to achieve great results with our professional 3D scanning solutions.

Where: Booth 423, San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, United States

When: March 29-31