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Come see the latest Artec 3D scanners at Rapid.Tech in Erfurt, Germany

| Messe Erfurt, Gothaer Str. 34, 99094 Erfurt (Erfurt, Germany)

With more than 200 exhibitors gathered together, representing the many facets of the additive manufacturing world, Rapid.Tech is an unmissable event for anyone involved in this exciting sector. The show is truly the place to be for seeing up close and in person the very latest in technologies and processes from the best and brightest minds in the industry, from east to west.

The event is expected to draw more than 5000 visitors from June 25-27. And this year, the show is becoming even more attractive, with a new three-pillar strategy focused on the following: a practice-oriented exhibition, a user-focused specialist conference, and an optimized format for networking. What this translates to for developers, users, and experts alike is a more immersive and unforgettable three days than ever before.

When you're at the show, be sure to visit Artec Gold Certified Resellers Antonius Köster (hall 2 – stand 117), KLIB (hall 2 – stand 1001), and algona (hall 2 – stand 600). All three resellers will be there demonstrating how Artec’s professional 3D scanners can play a dramatic role in enhancing your workflow and opening up new possibilities in rapid design, precision reverse engineering, and speedy production. Our Gold Certified Resellers are proven experts in the field of 3D scanning and consulting, throughout a variety of industries, and they also provide a full range of support and training on Artec’s professional 3D scanners.

Stop by one of our resellers and try out for yourself Artec 3D’s Space Spider scanner. This lightweight professional scanner has been a gold standard choice for reverse engineering, product design, digital modification, and more, as it captures even the finest of details together with highly complex geometries. Space Spider easily scans with remarkable precision, and with its comfortable design, you’ll see firsthand why more and more scanning experts are giving it a thumbs up for their most demanding scanning projects.

Alongside Space Spider will be the popular Artec Eva. A lightweight, color 3D scanner for capturing small to medium-sized objects, Eva gives you the best of high performance scanning results with ease of use. Whether you're scanning people or machinery, or even cars, Eva will be there with you every step of the way.

The latest Artec 3D scanner that will be at the show is the Artec Leo. A fully mobile handheld color scanner, Leo is the first of its kind to offer onboard automated processing, a built-in touch screen, where you can watch your scan appear in real-time, and much more. A powerful, cable-free 3D scanner, Leo is ready to go wherever your scanning takes you, for hours on end. Perfect for scanning medium to large-sized objects, Leo has an ever-growing legion of devotees in manufacturing, healthcare, science, and other fields.

In addition to the other Artec 3D scanners at the show, our Gold Reseller KLIB (hall 2 – stand 1001) will be showcasing Artec Ray, a tripod-mounted, long-range laser scanner that is a proven choice for capturing large objects of all kinds. This 3D scanner performs a full 360° rotational scan, smoothly capturing in precise detail an entire building’s interior and all its features within. Artec Ray has an effective range of up 110 meters from the object, and is able to scan both indoors and outdoors. Ray is ideal for a full spectrum of industrial applications, including inspection, cultural heritage preservation, etc.

Also at the show will be the highly acclaimed Artec Studio software, which makes it both fast and easy to turn your scans into beautiful and precise 3D models that quickly export over to CAD/CAM software, including Geomagic Design X. Be sure to ask at the booth about available bundles.

Both Space Spider and Eva can be used with an optional battery pack for many hours of scanning freedom without any other power source.

See you at Rapid.Tech 2019!

When: June 25-27, 2019

Where: Hall 2, Messe Erfurt, Gothaer Str. 34, 99094 Erfurt