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Come see Artec 3D at RAPID + TCT 2019 in Detroit on May 20-23

| Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan (Detroit, USA)

RAPID + TCT 2019 will take place at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan on May 20-23. Without a doubt, RAPID + TCT is the most talked about event throughout the additive manufacturing industry. It's not only a place where you’ll have chances to network with more than 6000 of your industry peers, see up close and in person the hottest technology trends from 400+ exhibitors, you’ll also have your choice of attending any of more than 100 insightful presentations, and take part in numerous practical workshops. RAPID + TCT is the place to be to discover the latest breakthroughs in the industry, and to hear from experts about where things are headed in the months and years to come. All in all, it's an unmissable event.

One of the speakers at the event will be Artec’s VP of Software Development, Evgeny Lykhin, who will be holding a session on Big Data & The Future of 3D Scanning Technology. A range of aspects will be discussed, including an overview of today’s 3D scanning technologies, the challenges that big data brings to the industry, as well as a long view into what users can expect over the course of the next half decade. This talk will take place on May 21 from 11:15-11:40.

Throughout the duration of RAPID + TCT 2019, Artec will be together with Gold Certified Reseller Direct Dimensions, demoing our professional 3D scanners and showing you firsthand how these cutting edge scanners can inject dramatic differences into your additive manufacturing workflows.

When you stop by the booth, be sure to ask about Artec Leo, the newest member of Artec’s professional 3D scanner line and a true breakthrough in the 3D scanning industry. This scanner hands users the power to create 3D scans at the push of a button. Featuring a powerful built-in computer and touchscreen, Leo displays your scan in real-time precisely as it unfolds. Not only is Leo easy enough for new users as well as robust enough for experienced scanning technicians, but right out of the box, it offers amazing results in both precision and capture speed, making it a brilliant device for the full spectrum of additive manufacturing’s 3D scanning tasks.

Also at our booth will be Artec Eva. This handheld color scanner boasts reliability, precision, as well as ease of use. Eva has been an indisputable choice among professionals worldwide across a variety of industries for scanning medium-sized objects. Whether you’re reverse engineering legacy parts, developing rapid prototypes, creating entirely new parts and products, or modifying existing ones, the professionals at Direct Dimensions will show you how Eva can be your magic bullet for saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, while at the same time giving you the most accurate and cleanest 3D models you’ve ever worked with.

Another of our solutions for you to see will be Artec Space Spider, a handheld 3D scanner with submillimeter accuracy, perfect for scanning even the smallest objects. This professional scanner excels at capturing intricate geometry with thin edges, and is truly at its best even when dealing with difficult to scan surfaces. Across multiple industries, Space Spider remains a trusted solution for capturing exceptional color 3D data from complex and challenging small objects. Pair it with a battery pack for up to 6 hours of scanning freedom away from any external power source.

The final Artec professional 3D scanner to be on display is Artec Ray, a long-range 3D laser scanner. Specifically created for capturing large objects and locations in stunning 3D, this scanner is fast, pinpoint accurate, and delivers clean scan data with less digital noise than any other similar scanner. Ray can easily scan cars, ships, factory floors, and even the entire exterior of a building. It’s an ideal scanning choice for industrial applications, architectural heritage preservation, and much more.

All of Artec’s professional 3D scanners are fully integrated with the industry-acclaimed Artec Studio software, where, during the scanning process, your scans unfold in real time on the screen. Following scanning, Artec Studio lets you quickly and easily register, edit, and then seamlessly export your scans over to Geomagic Design X and other bestselling CAD/CAM solutions.

Digital Dimensions will be happy to discuss with you any of your plans, current projects, or simply to answer questions or show you what solutions they have that might be of interest to you.

Where: Booth 440, Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan

When: May 20-23, 2019