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Come see Artec 3D’s scanners at the 40th annual OROAREZZO show in Italy!

| Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 23, 52100 Arezzo, Italy (Arezzo, Italy)

The central Italian hill town of Arezzo one of the most important centers in the gold and jewelry industry, and platinum and silver, to a lesser extent. This is due not only to its expertise in manufacturing, but also its focus on fine artistry together with careful craftsmanship. Visitors are often so moved when they witness firsthand the breathtaking levels of mastery that the town’s artisans exhibit on a daily basis.

All of this and more is what makes Arezzo perfect for the location of the OROAREZZO international jewelry exhibition, which will be held on 6-9 April 2019.

Our Italian authorized partner 3DZ will be there demonstrating Artec’s line of 3D scanners and showing how they can greatly benefit those working in the gold and jewelry-making industry. Their long-standing experience in the field makes them experts on how you can use the latest 3D scanning technology to quickly create highly detailed prototypes, slash hours off production time, and save money, while expanding production and raising quality levels.

3DZ will be demoing Artec Eva - a professional handheld 3D scanner used in many fields, ranging from healthcare to art. Perfect for scanning small to medium sized objects, as well as people, Eva has been a first choice among scanning experts for a broad variety of applications. And not just experts.

All of Artec’s 3D scanners are renowned for being easy to use. New users can learn to scan and begin creating beautiful 3D models in minutes.

3DZ will also be showing the Space Spider. This scanner has been carefully designed to capture even the tiniest details of small objects, including those with highly complex geometries, making it ideal for jewelry and other products of fine craftsmanship. Space Spider scans with remarkable accuracy, and is a proven choice for reverse-engineering, prototyping, as well as cataloging precious objects. The precision and accuracy of the 3D models created with Space Spider are breathtaking, thanks to its high-definition texture cameras. Space Spider, like Eva, can be used with a battery pack for hours more scanning freedom without any AC power source.

See you at OROAREZZO 2019!

Where: Hall 3d/802T, Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 23, 52100 Arezzo, Italy

When: April 6-9 2019