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Artec Eva and Space Spider at Manufacturing Technology Asia 2017

| Singapore Expo, Singapore (Singapore)

This year’s exciting Manufacturing Technology Asia (MTA) is going to be held in Singapore, where over 400 exhibitors will be in attendance. Among them will be our partner Shonan Design (S) Pte Ltd, who will be taking along Artec Eva and Artec Space Spider 3D scanners to demonstrate their wide-ranging applications to trade show participants from fields such as medicine, energy, electronics, and aerospace.

Based on structured-light technology, Eva is perfect for digitally replicating medium-sized objects. The user will find this high-resolution scanner ideal for capturing complex geometries and textures. Its compact size make it one of the most efficient portable 3D scanning devices, which means it’s well-adjusted to any challenging scanning scenario, whether on a production site or design studio.

Meanwhile, for smaller objects, Space Spider’s blue-light technology allows for 3D imaging in a variety of heavy industry manufacturing contexts, including reverse engineering, quality and safety control, and molding construction. It’s also remarkably portable, hitting the scale at below 2 lbs. Space Spider was designed to be resistant to temperature fluctuations, so climate or any extreme environment will never be a matter of concern – you can even take it to space! No matter what external factors, Space Spider gives smooth operations and produces image quality that is second to none with precision of up to 0.05 mm. It’s easily the highest-performing scanner available to the seasoned manufacturer.

Pay our partners a visit at MTA and check out Eva and Space Spider in action.

When: April 4-7

Where: Booth 4D2-05, Singapore Expo, Singapore