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Join DataDesign in Japan to see every Artec 3D scanner in action

| Ishikawa Pref. Industrial Exhibition Hall (Kanazawa, Japan)
MEX Kanazawa 2024

What: MEX Kanazawa 2024 
Where: Booth 018, Ishikawa Pref. Industrial Exhibition Hall, Kanazawa, Japan 
When: May 16-18, 2024

No matter which sector you work in, there’s bound to be a production solution that meets your exact needs at the MEX Kanazawa Machinery & Electronics Exhibition.

Open exclusively to those working in industrial production, the event is designed to promote trade and bolster manufacturing through the distribution of advanced technologies.

On the Ishikawa Industrial Exhibition Hall’s sprawling 12,000 sq. ft. show floor, attendees will find over 170 exhibitors, showcasing everything from grinding wheels to factory automation gear.

Those seeking a 3D optical measurement solution should definitely visit the booth of Artec Ambassador DataDesign. At the show, its team will be on-hand to demo the full Artec 3D scanner range, from the microscale-precision Artec Micro II to the long-range LiDAR Ray II.

Alongside these micro and macro-scale offerings, DataDesign will also be showcasing each Artec 3D handheld device. This includes Artec Leo, the world’s first wireless, AI-powered 3D scanner, the metrology-grade, ultra-precise Artec Space Spider, and Artec Eva.

Eva, Artec’s original flagship device, captures small-to-medium objects with incredibly high accuracy and resolution. It has also been time-tested across industries, making the lightweight, flexible device a solid investment for those operating on a budget.

In 2023, over 35,000 people attended MEX Kanazawa. Interested in joining them this year? You can contact the Ishikawa Machinery & Electronics Association to register here.