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Most popular Artec 3D scanners to be demoed at the 122nd Metalcasting Congress in Dallas

| Fort Worth Convention Center, Dallas, USA (Dallas, USA)

Over 200 metalcasting vendors are expected at the 122nd Metalcasting Congress - the largest of its kind in North America! This exciting event exhibits the latest achievements in the field, with particular focus on additive manufacturing, 3D technologies, quality and measurement inspection, and automation and robotics. Expect to meet CEOs, designers, engineers, procurement professionals, and other industry experts ready to share their know-how, solutions, and innovations. You’ll be delighted to know that up to 100 technical presentations are on the agenda. And to that you can add talks on management strategies and coverage of the latest research developments in metal casting. You’re sure to find something that will appeal to you whether it’s for you or for business.

3D imaging and printing are fundamentally changing practices across industries. Metals is a prime example of where 3D design and quality control solutions play invaluable roles in day-to-day operations. Just have a look the many industrial applications Artec's high-resolution 3D scanners have been a part of. The results are truly incredible. But what'll be even harder to believe is the amount of time that was saved when using Artec technology compared to conventional methods.

Still a non-believer? Then you'll just have to attend the Metalcasting Congress and see for yourself! You can examine Artec’s 3D solutions by viewing a live demonstration of Artec’s best-selling imaging devices: Eva and Space Spider. Artec's partner Exact Metrology will be on site, showing you how easy, versatile, and powerful these two 3D scanners are.

Don't forget to inquire about software platforms directly compatible with Artec 3D solutions: SOLIDWORKS and Geomagic. You've probably already got them installed at the office. All you're missing now is the hardware!

When: April 3-5

Where: Fort Worth Convention Center, Dallas, USA