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Discover Artec 3D scanning at a summit of Japan’s leading medical innovators

| Aichi Sky Expo (Nagoya, Japan)
Medical Messe 2024

What: Medical Messe 2024
Where: Booth C-01, Aichi International Business Center [Aichi Sky Expo]
When: April 18-20, 2024

Do you work in healthcare? Are you looking to digitize your manufacturing workflow? If so, Medical Messe 2024 is the place to be this April.

The 124th annual meeting of the Japan Surgical Society will see 110 firms and organizations gather to address the most pressing issues facing healthcare professionals. The event is not just expected to feature key industry players but figures from public bodies like the Chubu Medical Device Manufacturing Association and Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

In addition to networking opportunities with such decision-makers, attendees will get the chance to walk a show floor full of technological innovations with extensive healthcare applications.

One of those set to exhibit – Artec Ambassador Data Design – is planning on bringing a raft of professional 3D scanners to the event, and showcasing their clinical potential.

This will include everything from Artec Ray II, a long-range LiDAR device capable of capturing entire wards, to the microscale model and implant-digitizing Artec Micro II. As such, its booth is sure to have a solution that meets your patients’ medical needs, no matter what the use case.

GPs, doctors, and surgeons will also be interested to know that Data Design is bringing Artec 3D’s full handheld scanning offering to the event. That means participants will get to see 0.05mm-precision, blue laser 3D scanning in-action, in the shape of Artec Space Spider, a proven solution for digitizing the tiniest details of the human anatomy.

Artec Leo, on the other hand, is the industry’s first wireless, AI-powered 3D scanner. This makes it ideal for rapidly digitizing patients’ limbs, in a way that causes them no discomfort, while capturing ultra-accurate measurements for prosthetic and orthotic customization.

Those with medical 3D scanning experience will likely already be familiar with Artec Eva. A time-tested digital healthcare tool, Eva captures medium-scale geometries like torsos and busts with outstanding accuracy, at a price point many clinics can most likely afford.

When they’re done walking exhibitors’ booths, participants can also take a seat at one of several seminars, to learn more about the latest Med Tech advances, from haptics to robotics.

Interested in taking part? Contact the Medical Messe organizers here for more information.