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Join Artec 3D at a major event for China’s medical device market

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What: Annual standard forum of the China Association for Medical Device Industry (CAMDI)
When: Feb. 7-9, 2022
Where: Online

If you’re looking to start 2022 by meeting with China’s top medtech experts, join the annual standard forum held by the China Association for Medical Device Industry. The expected 600+ attendees represent 260 organizations and look forward to valuable networking and development opportunities, a full range of professional issues, and up-close looks at the latest in today’s medical equipment.

Featuring both well-known and promising medical device manufacturers, the forum is a must-attend event for the Chinese AM community, so it is only logical that Artec 3D professional scanners will be showcased among the many innovative professional solutions. In the product spotlight will be three proven industry favorites: Artec Space Spider, Artec Eva, and Artec Leo.

Widely used in dentistry and maxillofacial prosthetics, Space Spider is a precision tool based on blue-light technology. This 3D scanner is irreplaceable when it comes to submillimeter-accurate scanning of small objects with detailed geometries. In turn, Artec Eva is what you need for quick textured scans of medium-sized objects, which includes arms or legs, or even the entire human body. The last, but not the least, is Artec Leo, the only wireless 3D scanner on the market, providing the fastest and most intuitive 3D scanning workflow. With Leo, you can easily capture larger objects with stunning accuracy for projects such as creating customized wheelchairs or prosthetic devices.

From orthotics and prosthetics to surgical devices and dental applications, 3D technologies have been used in the design and manufacture of medical solutions and products throughout the world. To learn how this is done in China, hurry up and join the forum for three days of demos and presentations, discussion sessions, and more! For all the details please join the WeChat messaging group of the forum.