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Try out Artec 3D solutions for AM at the largest trade show in Central Japan

| Port Messe Nagoya (Nagoya, Japan)
Manufacturing World Nagoya 2023

What: Additive Manufacturing Expo at Manufacturing World Nagoya 2023
Where: Booth 24-25, International Exhibition Hall Port Messe Nagoya, Japan
When: April 12-14, 2023

A one-of-a-kind trade show with international acclaim, Manufacturing World Nagoya 2023 will be hosting nine industry-specific exhibitions under the same roof to cover all aspects of the manufacturing cycle and to spotlight solutions that make a difference in Japan’s highly competitive market. To put the show’s clout in perspective, we could mention that the agenda of a concurrent conference features keynotes by global pacesetters from Honda, IBM, Siemens, and Toyota, to name a few.

Your ticket to Manufacturing World will be a gateway to leading tech in engineering, CAD, inspection, AI, IoT, and more. The Additive Manufacturing division of the upcoming trade show will be worth exploring if you’re looking out for new solutions that will help you save time and trim costs while improving the quality of manufactured parts & components.

Head over to the AM show floor to meet Artec’s Ambassador in Japan, Data Design, who will be demoing Artec 3D scanners along with Geomagic reverse engineering and inspection software, as well as a selection of 3D printers. The team will be happy to share the ins and outs of effective 3D scanning and modeling made possible with Artec’s line-up of professional 3D scanners.

Get up close and personal with Artec Ray, a LiDAR scanner used for capturing large objects, from heavy machinery to entire rooms and production facilities. Pick up the AI-driven Artec Leo and start scanning straight away – no connection to a computer is required for that since this handheld has a processor under its hood, and all 3D data it collects with up to 0.2 mm resolution and 0.1 mm 3D point accuracy is immediately projected on its built-in touchscreen. Get twice as high resolution and accuracy with the lightweight Artec Space Spider, the scanner that one of the DataDesign clients, ASICS, effectively uses for quality control. Another client of theirs, Tech Strake, retrofits helicopters with Space Spider paired with Artec Eva, which you’ll also be able to try out at the Data Design stand during the upcoming show. On the market since 1989, the team has a host of use cases to share with you and offer a solution that will meet your business goals.

Seize on your chance to get hands-on experience with Artec scanners, to be found among some of the best products at Manufacturing World Nagoya. Request your visitor ticket here.