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Meet Artec 3D at a major manufacturing event in Serbia

| Sumadija Fair (Kragujevac, Serbia)

What: Manufacturing & Technology Expo Serbia
Where: Sumadija Fair, Kragujevac, Serbia
When: Sep 29-30, 2022

If you’re keen to learn all about the Serbian manufacturing industry, Manufacturing & Technology Expo is one event you shouldn’t miss. Scheduled for Sept. 29-30, the show boasts a selection of the most innovative CAD and CAM software, as well as solutions for PLM and PDM processing, ERP, and additive manufacturing. Artec 3D will be present alongside our certified partners 3DZ, and many more world-leading names, such as SOLIDWORKS, SolidCAM, Markforged, and 3D Systems.

With 300+ attendees from R&D and manufacturing, the event is bound to be a bustling networking platform for engineers, CNC machine operators, design and production managers, and business owners. The two-day expo will be an excellent opportunity to make important business connections and establish a reputation among your peers.

The industry’s pacesetters and representatives of both start-ups and top-tier brands will head for the town of Kragujevac with state-of-the-art tech and tools to exhibit, as well as workshops, demos, consulting services, and unique experiences to share. One highlight of the expo’s agenda is Artec 3D’s collaboration with Solfins 3D and 3DZ, which will give you insight into how Artec solutions can transform manufacturing workflows. Our experts will do live Artec Ray demos and present industry success stories from across the globe.

Artec Ray, the centerpiece of our presentation this time, is a long-range laser scanner ideal for large industrial objects – you can capture entire crafts, vehicles, and buildings, as well as massive industrial parts with submillimeter precision. Best-in-class angular accuracy and the possibility to control the scanner via an app on your smartphone make Ray a robust yet hassle-free device in many manufacturing projects.

You’ll also get up close with Artec Leo, our industry-first, AI-powered, wireless scanner for easy scanning and an intuitive workflow. Any workflow is improved with Eva, a versatile scanner favored for use in anything from medical to design, heritage preservation to manufacturing. If you need high-quality data in phenomenal detail from your objects, look no further than the Space Spider. Stop by our booth and try them all out!

Hurry up to register so you stay in the loop about the show’s latest updates, and see you in Serbia!