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Artec 3D and Luxembourg Science Center join forces for air rescue exhibition

| Luxembourg Science Center (Luxembourg)

What: Luxembourg Air Rescue exhibition
Where: Luxembourg Science Center
When: Oct 8-30, 2022

We’re very excited to welcome you to an exhibition at the Luxembourg Science Center throughout October! In partnership with the Science Center and the Luxembourg Air Rescue exhibition, Artec 3D will share our experience in scanning a McDonnell-Douglas MD-902 Explorer rescue helicopter with Artec Leo and Artec Ray.

Used in response to emergencies as well as transporting intensive care patients between hospitals, these helicopters are an essential part of medical care in Luxembourg and the greater region.

To capture the aircraft in its entirety and high accuracy, we first called on Artec Ray’s wide scanning range. Ray was used mostly for alignment purposes, taking 16 scans in total from multiple positions around the helicopter: eight from a lower level, and eight from above.

With Leo, we needed approximately eight hours to make 26 overlapping, submillimeter-accurate scans of the helicopter’s 34-foot-long (10.39 m) fuselage, capturing even the tiniest of details along the way.

The data captured was then processed, leaving us with what you’ll be able to see in all its glory:  an exhaustive 3D model of the helicopter.

Have a look at what else you’ll be able to experience at this interactive exhibition, and stay tuned for more updates.

We’ll see you there!

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