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Igniting manufacturing innovation: Artec 3D ambassador at INTERMOLD Osaka

| Intex Osaka (Osaka, Japan)

What: INTERMOLD Osaka  
Where: Booth 6A-353, Intex Osaka  
When: April 17-19, 2024

For over 35 years, INTERMOLD has stood as a premier tradeshow within the Japanese manufacturing industry, spotlighting the latest in molding technology. This year, at the Osaka edition of INTERMOLD, businesses operating in automotive, aircraft, and electronics sectors will discover a myriad of solutions designed to capitalize on topical trends such as additive manufacturing, carbon neutrality, digital transformation, and new material production.

Join our Japanese Ambassadors Data Design at Booth 6A-353 for interactive demos, insightful use cases, expert-level advice, and hands-on experience with Artec 3D scanning solutions. With every Artec scanner on display, you are bound to find the one that best meets your business needs.

Capture large objects or scenes with Artec Ray II, examine the tiniest parts with Artec Micro II, reconstruct the finest geometry of small objects with Artec Space Spider, go for the time-tested all-rounder Artec Eva, or embrace the speed and comfort of scanning with the wireless Artec Leo – no matter what you may be looking for, this team of experts will have you covered. To meet them in Osaka this April, register for the INTERMOLD show here.