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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

InLEX KOREA to shine a light on Artec 3D scanning’s military potential

| Daejeon Convention Center (Daejeon, Korea)

What: InLEX KOREA 2024
Where: Hall 2, Booth H06, Daejeon Convention Center
When: June 17-19, 2024

In the defense sector, it’s all about bringing clients the most advanced technologies possible so they can stay one step ahead of the opposition.

Set up to foster civilian and military synergies, InLEX KOREA is the perfect place to find such solutions. Each year, the event brings the latest academic and industry innovators together, with the most impressive technological advances being picked up by government agencies.

Alongside a stacked program of seminars, policy briefings, and presentations, attendees will get the chance to see digital defense solutions in-action via live product demos and walkthroughs.

At this year’s InLEX Korea, Artec 3D partner 4D Gate will be showcasing Artec Leo and Artec Micro II. AI-powered, highly accurate, and completely cable-free, Artec Leo is perfect for rapidly digitizing inventory and equipment, reverse engineering, and inspecting quality or condition.

Built for desktop rather than handheld usage, Micro II offers many of the same functionalities at a smaller level, allowing users to automatically scan intricate objects with microscale accuracy.

Interested in attending? You can pre-register for InLEX KOREA 2024 here.