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Step into the future of emergency response tech with Artec 3D at Infopol

| Kortrijk XPO (Kortrijk, Belgium)
Infopol 2024

What: Infopol I XPO112
Where: Booth 320, Kortrijk XPO, Belgium
When: April 23-25, 2024

While essential in the modern world, the speed at which new social and technological developments are introduced can be a challenge that puts additional pressure on any disaster relief units; knowing how to use the right equipment plays a pivotal role for police, emergency workers, and surveillance and security services. Infopol XPO, the one-of-a-kind thematic trade fair, comes to the rescue on April 23 to 25 at Belgian Kortrijk XPO.

With 4000+ professional visitors and around 200 exhibitors on the 15.000 m² exhibition floor, the event unites experts, purchasing managers, and a diverse range of professionals from the armed forces and civil defense, hospitals, fire brigades, local and national police, and governments. From training and communication innovations to protection equipment to cutting-edge hardware and software, be sure to find the equipment you need and the right people to tell you about it.

As you explore everything the fair has to offer, make sure to drop by Booth 320, where Artec Ambassador 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants will be showcasing our finest 3D scanning solutions, acclaimed in relevant applications such as forensics and healthcare. Be it the stationary Artec Micro II, designed for capturing the smallest evidence invisible to the human eye, or the long-range Artec Ray II, perfect for scanning crime scenes undisturbed, don't miss the chance to explore. Along with best-selling handheld solutions, Artec Space Spider and Eva, you can also try and test Artec flagship scanner, the tetherless Leo. Come be a part of the expert discussion with our partners and witness the revolutionary innovation.

Please note that the trade fair is exclusively open to professionals within police, surveillance, security, emergency services and disaster response units. Feel free to register here to attend, and don’t forget to bring your proof of identity.