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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

3D Master with Artec 3D scanners attending the Heritage Fair

| Trade Fair and Congress Centre MT Polska, Warsaw, Poland (Warsaw, Poland)

This year Heritage Fair in Warsaw, Poland is going to be hosting experts, exhibitors, and enthusiasts in the field of art and monument preservation and restoration, as well as library and archive sciences. It’s an audience and industry near and dear to Artec 3D and our partners 3D Master, who’ll be showcasing Artec’s multi-purpose 3D scanners to the visiting public.

For years now, Artec 3D has been providing innovative imaging solutions to scientists, curators, academics, archivists, among a long list of others, around the globe. In fact, Artec 3D is helping globalize the work and study of the leading cognoscenti by contributing to the digitization boom. It has never before been so easy to Google an archaeological site or museum and be launched into a 3D replica of its treasured collection. Experiencing paleontological discoveries, examining ancient stucco decorations, and strolling through a virtual copy of an exhibition hall thousands of miles of way – are all made possible by technological advancements that pioneers like Artec 3D help propel.

Come and talk with members of our Polish reseller, 3D master, at this autumn event. They’ll tell you all about how Artec 3D scanners can benefit your particular sphere of interest.

When: October 5-7

Where: Trade Fair and Congress Centre MT Polska, Warsaw, Poland