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Meet Artec 3D at the premier additive manufacturing industry event

| Messe Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany)

What: Formnext 2021
When: Nov. 16-19, 2021
Where: Booth 12.1-G111, Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany

The legendary Formnext expo is set to return on Nov. 16-19 on the grounds of Messe Frankfurt. The show is a landmark event in the world of additive manufacturing, covering all aspects of the industry, and bringing the best technologies into the spotlight. An industry as innovative as additive manufacturing greatly benefits from the buzzing atmosphere of Formnext, where visitors and exhibitors meet to find partners and investors, network, learn, and more.

An impressive educational platform, Formnext offers a user-oriented experience with conferences, seminars, and presentations – both top-class industry experts and start-up enthusiasts will find much to take away from this event. Additive manufacturing, 3D printing design, CAD/CAE, metrology and inspection will be the main focus of the talks and case studies, providing visitors with great learning opportunities.

The show is the meeting point for representatives of industry sectors ranging from aerospace and automotive to healthcare and mechanical engineering. More than 400 exhibitors, half of them from abroad, will present the next-generation AM production methods and materials, equipment and software, as well as services and research. While wandering around the halls and exploring the grounds of Messe Frankfurt, linger a little longer at Booth 12.1-G111 to see what Artec 3D has to offer.

Watch live demos and get hands-on experience with Artec portable 3D scanners, widely used across all the aforementioned industry sectors. A true attention-getter at any expo, first up is Artec Leo, the unique wireless 3D-scanner with an in-built touchscreen and battery. With an up to 80 frames per second 3D reconstruction rate, Leo is a revolutionary fast scanner, yet very easy to use. You’ll also meet Artec Eva, a versatile structured-light scanner, which alongside Leo has been upgraded with HD Mode, resulting in knockdown high resolution and ultra-clean scans.

For scanning small and extra-small objects with complex geometry, consider Artec Space Spider and Artec Micro respectively. Artec Space Spider captures up to one million points per second, making it a metrology-grade tool. Astonishing precision is what the fully automated Artec Micro is famous for, with its up to 10 microns accuracy achieved in just one click.

For any grand project, Artec Ray will come in handy. This ultra-fast 3D laser scanner with submillimeter precision is what you need for scanning massive industrial objects. Ray captures 3D data so cleanly, your processing time is minimized.

Formnext is all about fostering AM community and highlighting its enormous potential, so make sure you’ll be there. Tickets and registration are available. See you in Frankfurt!