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Artec’s 3D body scanning solutions at Fitness and Wellness Top trade show

| Expo Houten, Houten, the Netherlands (Houten, the Netherlands)

Fitness and Wellness Top is a leading annual fair for professionals working in the Netherlands, where they can get to see new products, meet peers and make new connections in a friendly atmosphere.

During the event, Artec’s Gold Partner 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants will be demoing the capabilities of Eva and Space Spider portable 3D scanners, which make a sought-after solution in the sportswear industry.

Using Eva and Space Spider, you can 3D scan the entire body of a person or a part of the body, process the data into an utterly accurate 3D model, and put it in third-party software to design a perfectly fitting piece of clothing or footwear.

Artec’s hardware is complemented by Artec Studio software, in which you can work with the 3D data collected by the scanners. The efficient algorithms of the latest build, Artec Studio 12, help you better maintain tracking during scanning, which ensures that the process goes without interruption even if you twitch the scanner.

Data processing is also very straightforward in Artec Studio 12. The software features Autopilot and manual mode, the former allowing you to have a 3D model created automatically and the latter offering an array of editing tools to work with the scans.

Whichever mode you choose, you are sure to be amazed at the speed of Artec Studio algorithms and the quality of scan rendering. Thanks to its intuitive interface, Artec Studio makes it easy even for users with no prior experience to pick up 3D scanning and processing.

Where: Booth 710, Expo Houten, Houten, the Netherlands

When: September 14-15

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