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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Eva, Spider to go on display at 3D Printing Showcase in Melbourne, Australia


Artec’s Australia-based partner, Qubic, will exhibit Eva and Spider handheld scanners at the 3D Printing Showcase on September 12 and 13. The exhibition will be hosted by the Eastern Resource Centre (ERC) of the University of Melbourne.

Day 1 will focus on Research & Education (how can 3D Printing integrate with your research/curriculum? what are the latest innovations?). Day 2 will open doors to the wider community (how does it work? who’s using it now? what will the future look like?).

Qubic’s stand in the Pro Z 3D Solutions zone will feature Artec’s Eva, which scans medium-sized objects, such as a human face, quickly and easily. Another scanner on display will be Spider, which is used for scanning smaller objects like keys and coins with fine precision and is ideal for capturing intricate details, including sharp edges and thin ribs.

Qubic has been 3D scanning people and objects since 1999 and has the most comprehensive range of 3D scanners in Australia.