e-Commerce meets Fashion in the Ticino Fashion Valley

The 3rd edition of e-Commerce meets Fashion in the Ticino Fashion Valley is the event for players operating in the fashion industry. As retail is giving way to e-commerce, companies embracing the technologies that make online shopping a breeze for their customers will capitalize the most on the growth of this segment.

Artec has something to offer businesses that want to be at the forefront. Our latest automatic 3D scanning solution RoboticScan produces precise 3D models of items like shoes and accessories in minutes and can be used to develop online stores’ catalogues in 3D. The customer will thus be able to view not only photos of the product but examine it from any angle they wish and in very fine detail.

RoboticScan is an arm that moves Artec Space Spider 3D scanner around the object you’d like to add to your catalogue, making sure the entire surface has been captured. Then the data is automatically processed to make the product’s full-color 3D model.

While automation is a defining trend in 3D scanning at the moment, Artec’s handheld devices are indispensable tools, especially when you need to scan large scenes or hard-to-reach places. Use Space Spider for smaller objects and Eva for larger ones. These scanners take multiple shots of the surface with the 3D point accuracy of up to 0.05 mm and 0.1 mm respectively, sending the data to Artec Studio 11 processing and editing software, which has a variety of instruments to build a watertight 3D model that can be exported in any of the commonly used 3D modeling applications. Come to the expo to see how easy it is to scan with Artec and how accurate the resulting 3D mesh models are.

Where: LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura cultural center, Lugano, Switzerland

When: March 13