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Artec Imaging Solutions on Display at Dutch Fitness Expo

| Expo Houten Meidoornkade 24 3992 AE Houten, Netherlands (AE Houten, Netherlands)

Fitness and Wellness Top gives participants a real hands-on experience. Bringing together experts in the health and fitness industry, FW Top provides easy access to the industry’s most exciting innovations. Naturally, it’s outfitted for those well-established in the biz, as well as for start-ups looking to make a mark on the market. Indeed, FW Top boasts about a special way of networking at its event, i.e. by sparring! All in a friendly manner and in good fun, of course.

Artec 3D’s reseller, 4C, in the Netherlands will be there showcasing Artec’s 3D imaging solutions. Based in Luxembourg, Artec 3D has been providing top-of-the-line 3D scanners to the fitness, healthcare, sports, orthopedics, and preventative care markets for years. Based on unique 3D technology, Artec 3D scanners can quickly capture 3D images of the body, which can then be outputted to a design software for customizing any manner of equipment or article of clothing, from bespoke running shoes to custom-fitted road bikes.

Artec Eva’s structured light technology is safe and non-invasive. It snaps 3D data at a swift 16 frames per second with a 0.1 mm accuracy. Because of its lightweight, portable, smart design, Eva can operate just about anywhere, giving users complete freedom in range of motion. Similarly, Artec Space Spider offers excellent control and phenomenal accuracy and high-resolution quality. Perfect for small objects, reverse engineering, and prototyping, it’s a definite must-have.

But if you want to take your scanning to unprecedented heights, inquire with 4C at FW Top about Artec Leo. Designed to give you real-time 3D rendering, Leo is by far the easiest to use high accuracy, professional 3D scanner on the market. . With its unbelievable capture speeds, it is a breakthrough in the 3Dindustry. All this, and Leo sacrifices nothing in quality, portability, and user experience.

Whether you want to gain an edge in your performance, or perhaps you want to develop custom-made sports gear, Artec 3D solutions will help you get there far and fast. Stop by 4C’s booth at FW TOP and try out Artec’s 3D hardware and software solutions for yourself. See you there!

When: September 20 - 21

Where: Booth nr. 510, Expo Houten Meidoornkade 24 3992 AE Houten, Netherlands