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Demo of Artec 3D’s High-performance Scanners at Woodworking Fair

| ul. Głogowska 14 60-734 Poznań, Poland (Poznań, Poland)

Get set for another round of DREMA! Last year’s DREMA broke records – exhibitors numbering over 380 in a showroom space of nearly 24,000 square meters and nearly 16,000 visitors. Also known as The International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industries, this comprehensive fair will feature current and upcoming trends and inventions in the woodworking industry. With representation from leading experts hailing from Poland and abroad, DREMA boasts a rich and telling program that reflects today’s state of the industry, as well as charts out future developments. In this way, this event is a huge boon to manufacturers and suppliers of woodworking machines, tools, and equipment. It also gives actors in the supply chain a unique opportunity to interact and compare market offers.

Among the year’s innovative woodworking tools, you’ll be sure to find Artec 3D’s world-renown high-performance 3D scanners. Stop by and chat with Artec’s Gold certified reseller in Poland, 3D Master, to learn about how you can integrate 3D technology into your processes.

In particular, make sure to inquire about Artec 3D’s best-selling 3D scanner, Artec Eva. Based on structured light technology, Eva has been applied extensively in furniture design contexts, where reverse engineering and prototyping are key steps to manufacturing wood-based creations.

Or learn about the powerful Artec Space Spider, which is ideal for capturing small objects, complex geometries, and intricate details. Initially developed for the International Space Station, Space Spider is the go-to tool for rendering 3D images of small and intricate parts.

But if you’re looking for the next-generation scanning experience, check out Artec Leo. With it you can see your own the 3D replica being built as you scan at unbelievable speeds!

Regardless of your Artec device of choice, you’ll find that they all provide high-resolution 3D imaging with portability, speed, and quality packed into a single Artec design concept. And to top it all off, Artec can also supply you with a range of software suites to complement its hardware offerings. 3D Master will be at DREMA to answer all your Artec questions.

When: September 11 – 14

Where: Booth 65, Pavilion 5, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie sp. z o.o. ul. Głogowska 14 60-734 Poznań, Poland