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Presenting 3D scanning solutions to the woodworking sector at DREMA trade fair

| Poznan International Fair, Poznan, Poland (Poznan, Poland)

The International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood and Furniture Industries DREMA 2017 will feature 500+ exhibitors, including Artec’s Gold Partner 3D Master. This show is the largest meeting ground for the wood and furniture industry in Central and Eastern Europe, giving visitors a unique chance to gain insight into new, more efficient production methods, prevailing trends and the best market opportunities.

What does Artec 3D have to offer the wood and furniture industry? First and foremost, it’s new-generation design methods and the streamlining of production. With our high-accuracy 3D scanners Eva and Space Spider, you can digitize pieces of furniture or interior décor items and modify them in reverse engineering software to create perfect shapes and make any amendments before manufacturing.

Check out how MU Form Furniture Design, our client based in Oakland, California, uses 3D scanning in order to boost productivity, save time and cut costs. The company has switched from a slow and bulky router duplicator to the fast and light-weight Eva 3D scanner. The older method “fell short in terms of our expectations for quality,” according to Mark Leong, CEO of MU Form. Thanks to 3D scanning, the overall time frame for creating a mold has been slashed from 60-90 days to 20 days, and savings are estimated to reach 10-15%.

Wood processing is not limited to furniture manufacturing – artists are also embracing 3D scanning to create marvelous artwork. Figurative artist Inigo Gheyselinck has recently carved remarkably realistic wooden statues of Swiss historical figures on a CNC milling machine. The CAD-compatible files for milling were produced from 3D models made with Artec Eva.

If you work with wood and are looking for ways to modernize your workflow, come to 3D Master’s stand at the DREMA trade show. The company’s experts will do a live demo for you, brief you about the benefits of different solutions available on the market and help you choose the one that suits your needs best.

Where: Booth 35, Hall 5, Poznan International Fair, Poznan, Poland

When: September 12-15