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Artec 3D scanning technology to be showcased at DMS Osaka

| INTEX, Osaka, Japan (Osaka, Japan)

Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. is organizing the 19th Design Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS) in Osaka. Two of our partners, DataDesign and OPT Technologies will be partaking in what promises to be a stimulating exchange of ideas, innovations, and solutions to current engineering and manufacturing challenges. Our partners’ contribution to this year’s trade show is Artec Eva and Space Spider. These light-weight multi-purpose 3D scanners permit unprecedented versatility that industrial projects of any magnitude can benefit from.

Have a chat with our knowledgeable and experienced Japanese partners at this year’s expo. They can show you how easy it is to operate our scanners, process the images in our editing application, Artec Studio, and guide you on how to seamlessly incorporate our 3D tools into your practice.

When: October 5-7

Where: INTEX, Osaka, Japan