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Learn how to bring 3D scanning into your Orthotics and Prosthetics workflow with HP & Artec 3D

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If you’ve ever thought about how you can bring 3D scanning into your orthotics & prosthetics practice, then you’ll want to attend this free online webinar on September 24th. A Closer Look at Digitizing Orthotics and Prosthetics through Scanning is the first event in HP’s three-webinar series dedicated to making the transition over to a digital O&P workflow.

Experienced O&P specialists and experts will share insider details on how they’re using 3D scanners in their practices, as well as how much they cost, how easy they are to learn how to use, in addition to how you can set up your workspace for the best 3D scanning results, and more.

One of the speakers at the event will be certified Orthotist and Pedorthist Warren Hagen, a Minnesota-based specialist who is passionate about his profession and has been using Artec 3D scanners for years now. 3D scanning has allowed him to transition away from messy plaster casting, dramatically boost patient comfort and reduce materials costs significantly, while increasing the precision of his orthotic products and accelerating his workflow.

A few of the topics that Warren will address:

  • What 3D scanning gives him the power to do that he couldn’t do before
  • Something that he wishes he had known before he adopted 3D scanning
  • What made him finally decide to move forward into 3D scanning
  • When buying a 3D scanner and software, how the investment compares with the returns
  • How he uses the Artec Leo: a 100% wireless handheld scanner with a built-in HD display & computer

And more!

Read about how Warren uses the handheld 3D scanners Artec Eva and Space Spider in his practice.

To register for this informative online event, please visit https://reinvent.hp.com/us-en-3dprint-webinars-series.

What: A Closer Look at Digitizing Orthotics and Prosthetics through Scanning

When: Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 2pm EST