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Scanning for posterity at the 2021 Digital Cultural Heritage Festival

| Goma Art Center, Gong-Ju, South Korea (Gong-Ju, South Korea)

What: 2021 Digital Cultural Heritage Festival
When: Dec. 18-20, 2021
Where: Booth A12, Goma Art Center, Gong-Ju, South Korea

This December, the inaugural Digital Cultural Heritage Festival takes place in Gong-Ju, South Korea. The festival focuses on the use of 3D scanning technology, Additive Manufacturing solutions, Artificial Intelligence, and other groundbreaking technologies in the digital heritage sphere. In addition to exhibitions, the festival will also feature lectures, conferences, workshops, and other related events covering the latest trends and practices in the field.

NEXPACE, one of our gold-certified partners in South Korea, will be exhibiting some of Artec’s industry-leading 3D scanning technologies, with live demonstrations to showcase the power and versatility of these professional, high-precision devices. From our line-up Artec Ray, Artec Leo, Artec Space Spider, and Artec Eva will all feature.

Ray is designed to capture very large objects like planes, large vehicles, and buildings with ultra-high precision and minimal noise from distances of up to 110 meters. This powerful laser scanner is compact, has an inbuilt battery, and can be controlled over WiFi with your mobile device using the Artec Remote app, making it great for use even in difficult environments.

Leo is an award-winning device that is one of the fastest handheld 3D scanners on the market. It has an 80 frames per second 3D reconstruction rate, AI-powered HD mode which provides incredibly detailed scans, and was one of the first 3D scanners to offer a completely mobile scanning experience. It has onboard automatic processing, a touch screen that builds a real-time replica as you scan, an inbuilt battery, and wireless connectivity that enables you to stream video to a second device.

Eva is a hugely popular, high-resolution, structured light 3D scanner designed to scan medium-sized objects. Artec Eva is light, fast and versatile, and, with its safe-to-use structured light scanning technology, is a fantastic all-rounder which easily captures even black and shiny surfaces.

If you are looking to capture fine edges and intricate details in high resolution, Artec Space Spider is what you’re after, whether you need to scan large objects with lots of details, or small, detailed objects.

Head over to booth A12 to see our scanners in action, and chat with us about how you, too, can use them in your field.

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