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3D scanning solutions for job shops and contract manufacturers on display at the Northern California Design-2-Part show

| Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA (Santa Clara, USA)

For over 40 years, Design-2-Part Trade Shows have provided contract manufacturers the opportunity to meet directly with OEM engineers and buyers who need their services and expertise. The attendees have included manufacturing engineers, design engineers, manufacturing management, and purchasing personnel involved in outsourcing decisions for parts and services. The Northern California Design-2-Part event will take place on May 22 and 23 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The exhibitors will be regional and national contract manufacturers and job shops that offer manufacturing and service capabilities in product categories such as the metal, plastics, rubber, and electronics industries. With the help of 3D scanning technologies, parts manufacturers and their clients can develop new paths for production and offer solutions for faster and more efficient processes. Indicate Technologies, an Artec 3D certified partner, will be present at booth # 442 to demonstrate four of the company’s revolutionary 3D scanning solutions.

Indicate Technologies will be demoing Artec Eva, a renowned 3D scanner throughout the industry. It has been used in a vast range of applications while delivering remarkable results. Whether for reverse-engineering, industrial design, or prosthetics, Eva has consistently been a market leader in the field, opening up new opportunities and possibilities for businesses. Highly versatile, precise, and easy to use, this 3D scanner is a must for anyone looking for a high-end solution at an affordable price. Eva can be used to scan small to large objects, ranging from machine parts to cars, and will deliver stunning 3D models that are easily imported to the 3D editing or CAD software of your choice. Attach a battery pack and you can scan for hours, anywhere you need.

Following up is Artec Space Spider, an ultra-precise 3D scanner designed to digitally recreate the smallest parts with breathtaking accuracy. Its design makes it easy to scan multifaceted geometries and intricate details without the inconvenience of placing targets. Space Spider excels in many fields, such as industrial design, quality insurance, inspection, digital reconstruction, and data analysis, where accuracy and efficiency are critical. An ideal solution for job shops.

You can also try out for yourself the newly released Artec Leo, the next revolution in the 3D scanning industry. This scanner allows users to create 3D scans with the push of a button. With a powerful built-in computer together with a touchscreen, Leo shows you the 3D model of your scan in real-time, simplifying the process to the max. Not only is Leo so simple to use that anyone can make a 3D scan, but it also offers pristine results in both accuracy and capture speed. The perfect device to meet any industrial scanning application with total autonomy.

Also being highlighted at the show will be Artec Ray, a tripod-mounted 3D scanner capable of capturing large objects such as planes, buildings and the interiors of a factory with ease. This professional laser scanner can capture data with submillimeter precision, which makes it a prime choice for reverse engineering and quality control tasks. Ray is perfectly fit to be used outside in daylight and can even capture texture. It performs a 360 degree scan at up to 110m from the object.

Indicate Technologies’ team will be glad to meet with you at their booth, and discuss all the possible solutions for including 3D scanning in your workflow. See you there!

When: May 22 & 23, 2019

Where: Booth #442, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA