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Artec scanners star in China’s top Additive Manufacturing event

| Wuhu, China (Wuhu, China)

What: 2021 Additive Manufacturing Development Wuhu (Fanchang) Summit Forum and China Additive Manufacturing Industry Annual Conference
Where: Booth 8, 1st Floor, Wuhu Macrolink Legend Hotel, Wuhu City
When: Oct. 18-20, 2021

Bringing you insights on the development of the additive manufacturing industry in Wuhu, China, Artec 3D is delighted to welcome you to the 2021 Additive Manufacturing Development Summit Forum, and China Additive Manufacturing Industry Annual Conference. There, you’ll be joined by scholars and experts in the field of 3D printing technology who will bring insights on the development of the additive manufacturing industry.  There, you’ll be able to meet Artec 3D representatives from our office in Shanghai.

Our team will be ready to introduce you to some of our best, including Artec Leo. This award-winning 3D scanner has a 3D reconstruction rate of up to 80 frames per second, making it one of the fastest handheld 3D scanners you’d be able to find. With an inbuilt battery, you can scan freely without being tied to a computer or a power source, making your 3D scanning process that much more seamless. Leo also comes equipped with a touchscreen and an intuitive UI, so you can see your 3D model being built right before your eyes, even as you scan.

Next up is our flagship scanner Artec Eva, which has been put to use in countless industries around the world. This structured-light 3D scanner is as light and easy to use as it is versatile, making it particularly suited for creating 3D models of medium-sized objects, like automotive parts or furniture. With a scanning accuracy of up to 0.1 mm and no need for targets, Eva is an ideal solution for all types of objects – now powered with HD Mode, you can tackle black and shiny surfaces effortlessly, too.

If the finer details are what you’re really after, look no further than Artec Space Spider. Based on blue-light technology, Space Spider is best at capturing small objects with fine, intricate details. Despite its light weight, Artec Space Spider can produce impeccable results, making it perfect for complex geometry, sharp edges, thin lines – and in high accuracy, too.

Be sure to stop by and chat with us, and let us tell you all about the ways your additive manufacturing workflow can level up with Artec 3D scanning solutions!

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